Nov 282016

It is looking like this winter will be another Waxwing Year, as many thousands of these beautiful birds have arrived into Britain during the last 6-8 weeks. Most of the big numbers are still located in Scotland and the NE Coastal areas, but smaller flocks have managed to arrive further south in recent weeks. A small flock of 60 birds had been seen in Scarborough during recent days, so this seemed like a good place to visit on Saturday 26th November. Scarborough Harbour is also worth a look during the winter months.

On our arrival there were 35 Waxwings on site and feeding on a Rowan tree right alongside a busy pedestrian area and main road. They seemed totally oblivious to the hustle and bustle of an early Saturday morning in the busy town centre of Scarborough. Despite the awkward place where they were feeding, I managed a few decent pictures. We then visited the harbour area where we had a stunning Great Northern Diver, Red-throated Diver and a Black-necked Grebe. One adult winter Mediterranean Gull was on view at Holbeck, but the weather had closed in by mid-afternoon and it was time to head back home. A very enjoyable day. Year List is now on 240


Scarborough Harbour – Saturday 26th November 2016 – A great place to find divers and grebes in winter – Tony Davison©

gndiver_j4x9920 gndiver_j4x9921

Great Northern Diver – immature/first winter – lovely scalloping on the mantle and pale bill indicates an immature bird – Scarborough Harbour, Yorkshire – Tony Davison©

 waxwing_j4x9401 waxwing_j4x9430 waxwing_j4x9476 waxwing_j4x9644 waxwing_j4x9646 waxwing_j4x9727

Waxwing – above 6 images – Scarborough, Yorkshire – Tony Davison©

rtdiver_j4x9758 rtdiver_j4x9786

Red-throated Diver – probably a 1st winter – Scarborough Harbour, Yorkshire – Tony Davison© 


Black-necked Grebe – Scarborough Harbour – Tony Davison©

herring-gull_j4x0014 herring-gull_j4x9834

Herring Gull – Scarborough Harbour, Yorkshire – The reflections from the fishing boats were quite superb – Tony Davison©


Turnstone – always plenty of these charismatic waders around the harbour area at Scarborough – Tony Davison©


House Sparrow – male – Scarborough Harbour – Tony Davison©


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