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Sunday 1st November 2015 and a very foggy morning leaving home and heading for Eyebrook Reservoir and Rutland Water in Leicestershire. It remained misty most of the morning but at least the fog dispersed and visibility was pretty good as we arrived at our destinations. Both these waters are excellent for local birding opportunities. I first visited Eyebrook in January 1967, as a young lad and saw my first Goldeneye and Goosander, amongst an array of other good waterfowl. My birding days had only just begun at the time and living in the city of Derby, I had little opportunities to visit such far off places. There were no pages or sophisticated messenger systems in those days and I knew very few people who shared my hobby. So, with the help of my parents, I joined the local Derbyshire Ornithological Society and the RSPB’s Young Ornithologists Club (YOC). If I was to see different birds, I had to go on the Field Trips that both these groups arranged each month. Some fantastic times, including many visits over my early birding years to both these sites and many others that I still visit today. Little did I know at the time, that birding would become a lifetime hobby and obsession.

A spectacular sight at Eyebrook this weekend was a large flock of Golden Plover and a few Little Egrets, which, back in 1967, would have been a major rarity. At Rutland there were thousands of waterfowl and amongst the huge numbers, we found 2 Black-necked Grebe, 1 Slavonian Grebe and a pair of Red Crested Pochard. Small numbers of Goldeneye had returned, otherwise the usual ducks and geese that one would expect at this time of year. The light was superb and the sunshine was unseasonal for the time of year. I even saw two Red Admirals, in November !! Year List moves on to 240


Eyebrook Reservoir, Leicestershire – Above two images  – A stunning morning – Tony Davison©

Golden Plover_J4X2165

Mixed wader flock – Golden Plover, Lapwing and a single Dunlin – Eyebrook Reservoir – Tony Davison©

Golden Plover_J4X2171

Golden Plover – Eyebrook Reservoir – Tony Davison©

Rutland Water_S1Q1102

Rutland Water from BarnsdaleTony Davison©

Rutland Water_S1Q1106

Rutland Water from BarnsdaleTony Davison©

Tufted Duck_J4X2199

Tufted Duck – drake – Rutland Water – Tony Davison©


Black-necked Grebe with mixed waterfowl – Rutland Water – Tony Davison©

Rutland Water_S1Q1104

Rutland Water – Looking down towards “Tims’s Cottage” – Tony Davison©

Black=headed Gull_J4X2324

Black-headed Gull – Adult winter – “Gotcha” – my photo of the day – Rutland Water, North Arm – Tony Davison©


Red Crested Pochard – Rutland Water, North Arm – Tony Davison©

Shoveler_J4X2295  Shoveler_J4X2328

Shoveler – drake – Rutland Water, North Arm – above two images – Tony Davison©

Teal female_J4X2327

Teal – female – Rutland Water, North Arm – Tony Davison©


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