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During our twelve days in SW Bulgaria in addition to the birds and amazing range of Butterfly species, we also saw some very interesting moths, dragonflies and other insects. The scenery wasn’t bad either. Our bespoke trip was arranged by The British-Bulgarian Society and Balkania Travel, the same company we used back in 2012. They specialise in a range of holiday experiences to Bulgaria, including bespoke Butterfly Trips and they will tailor a trip to suit individual needs. See I would thoroughly recommend them. Please feel free to contact me if you need information.


The beautiful Pirin Mountains from the village of Dobarsko – Tony Davison©


Flower rich Butterfly Meadows – Rila Mountains – Tony Davison©


The Rila Mountain Foothills and Butterfly MeadowsTony Davsion©


The Rila Mountain National ParkTony Davison©


Osogovo Planina and Limestone ValleyTony Davison©


Osogovo PlaninaTony Davison©

To follow a selection of Day Flying Moths we saw whilst looking for Butterflies.


Thyris fenestrela (Pug Moth) – Tony Davison©

Synaphe moldavica 0300338

Synaphe moldavica (A pyralid species) – Rila Mountains – Tony Davison©

Transparent Burnet 9041303

Transparent BurnetZygaena purpuralis – Tony Davison©

Transparent Burnet 9030302

Transparent Burnet – Zygaena purpuralis – Tony Davison©

Slender Burnet 0195337

Slender BurnetZygaena loti – Tony Davison© – This species is not found in the British Isles.

5 spot burnet 7026316

Narrow-bordered Five-spot BurnetZygaena lonicerae – Tony Davison©


Isle of Wight Wave 0669351

Isle of Wight WaveIdaea humiliata – Tony Davison©

Black-veined Moth 6923327

Black-veined MothSiona lineata – Tony Davison©

Forester 0663350

ForesterAdscita statices – Tony Davison©


Lathronympha strigana6785325

Lathronympha strigana – Pirin Mountains – Tony Davison© 

To follow a few of the Dragonflies we discovered.


Balkan GoldenringCordulegaster heros – Osogovo Mountains – Tony Davison©


Southern Skimmer – male – Orthetrum brunneum – Osogovo Mountains – Tony Davison©


Southern Skimmer 9607330

Southern Skimmer – male – Orthetrum brunneum – Osogovo Mountains – Tony Davison©

Green-eyed Hooktail Dragonfly 0144277

Green-eyed HooktailOnychogomphus forcipatus – Osogovo Mountains – Tony Davison©


Green-eyed Hooktail – Onychogomphus forcipatus – Osogovo Mountains – Tony Davison©

Large Pincertail 0135335

Blue-eyed HooktailOnychogomphus uncatus – Osogovo Mountains  – Tony Davison©

Common Clubtail -6621284

Common ClubtailGomphus vulgatissimus – Osogovo Mountains – Tony Davison©

To follow some of the other insects we saw.


Libelloides macoronius – Neuropteran Owlfly – Osogovo Mountains – Tony Davison©

Green Beetle 6860326

Bulgarian May Beetle – Osogovo Mountains – Tony Davison©


Long-horned Beetle 7238318

Aronia moschata  – Musk Beetle – Dobrostan, Rila Mountain Foothills – Tony Davison©


Poecilimon thoracicus  – Rila Mountains – Tony Davison©


Green Bush Cricket 7358319

Tettigonia balcanica – Rila Mountains – Tony Davison© – This is a new species of Bulgarian grasshopper currently being worked on and in “press” by Bulgarian specialists.

The only mammal that was good enough to be photographed.

Souslik-1293-98 Souslik-1298-101 Souslik-1232-95

European Souslik – Belmeken Mountains – Tony Davison© – Above three images

The Road-side stalls sold plenty of this stuff.


The final product of many Bees – Mountain Market – Rila Mountains – Tony Davison©





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  1. Some great stuff. i really like the crickets.

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