Aug 212020
Moth Trap - 20th - 21st August 2020

I ran a garden moth trap over night on 20th August 2020. Overnight wind and rain ruined what would otherwise have been a pretty good session. The results are as follows in no particular order:-  Willow Beauty 5; Brimstone Moth 8; Lime-speck Pug 2; Setaceous Hebrew Character 5; Large Yellow Underwing 27; Garden Carpet 2; […]

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Aug 142020
Moth Trap - 13th - 14th August 2020

I ran a garden moth trap overnight on 13th August 2020. The results are as follows in no particular order:- Copper Underwing 6; Shuttle-shaped Dart 17; Brimstone Moth 1; Marbled Beauty 4; Willow Beauty 7; Lime Speck Pug 1; Flame Shoulder 3; Silver Y 11; Setaceous Hebrew Character 6; Large Yellow Underwing 36; Lesser Broad-bordered […]

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Aug 142020
Visitors from Eastern Europe

During the past few weeks, gull numbers at Staunton Harold Reservoir have increased. Around 200 or so Black-headed Gull ( it is thought that birds from Poland arrive into Britain in large numbers during post breeding dispersal) and up to 7 Yellow-legged Gull and 3 Caspian Gull. Caspian Gull is an uncommon visitor to Staunton […]

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Aug 092020
My Local Patch Comes Good

Friday morning 7th of August 2020 my wife and I decided to spend an hour or so at the local patch, Staunton Harold Reservoir, South Derbyshire. At around 9:42 as I was scanning the far side of the reservoir,  a stunning Great White Egret suddenly flew into my field of view and landed on the […]

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