Sep 192014

Another perfect night for moth trapping, warm reasonably calm with a slight breeze and low cloud. My 11th garden trap of the year and it turned up an unexpected garden tick and a great county moth. Persistence certainly pays off when moth trapping. never give up as you absolutely have no idea what you are going to find when you empty your trap the next morning. Species list in no particular order.

Small Ranunculus 1 – garden tick & possibly 5th or 6th county record; Willow Beauty 2; Garden Carpet 1; Brimstone Moth 2; Grey/Dark Dagger agg 1; Snout 1; Large Yellow Underwing 25; Lesser Yellow Underwing 8; Pale Mottled Willow 4; Lunar Underwing 2; Common Marbled Carpet 1; Shuttle-shaped Dart 2; Common Wainscot 1; Swallow-tailed Moth 1; Square-spot Rustic 1; Beaded Chestnut 2; Flounced Rustic 1; Hypsopygia glaucinalis 1; Hypsopygia costalis (Gold Triangle); Eudonia angustea 2; Epiphyas postvittana (Light Brown Apple Moth) 1: – A total of 62 moths of 21 species.

Small Ranunculus 7619477 Small Ranunculus 7645478

Small RanunculusTony Davison© – Possibly 5th or 6th Derbyshire record – Was extinct inBritain till 1997 – species is expanding its range and seems to now be present in South Derbyshire.


Square-spot RUSTIC 7687484

Square-spot RusticTony Davison©


DarkGray Dagger ag 7664482

Most probably Grey DaggerTony Davison©


Common Wainscot 7649480 Common Wainscot 7655481

Common WainscotTony Davison©


Beaded Chestnut 7676483 Beaded Chestnut 7689485

Beaded ChestnutTony Davison© – note the two different colour forms



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