Oct 272014

Saturday 25th October 2014. my wife and I travelled down to London by train to see the Tower of London Poppies. Probably THE most amazing artistic spectacle I have ever seen. I can sum it up as a very moving experience, which was simply stunning, creating a powerful and visual commemoration of such an important event in our history. The morning was very grey and overcast, but in the late afternoon sunshine the whole scene took on a new wonder. To think that every hand made ceramic poppy represents a British military fatality from the first world war, took some believing and was very thought provoking. There were simply thousands of people at the site, all enjoying the experience and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people taking photographs. By the 11th November, the 100th anniversary of Britain’s involvement in the first world war, there will be nearly 900,000 poppies planted by volunteers into the Tower Moat. Shortly after armistice day, the poppies will begin to be removed, as they have all been sold. We took advantage and visited the Tower and the Crown Jewels, an interesting experience. Photography was very difficult but I managed to get a few pictures during the day. Best views of Raven I’ve ever had !!


Tower of London 1902673

Tower Bridge 1700632

Tower Poppies 1737646

Tower Poppies 1973 HD679

Tower Poppies 1674623

Tower Poppies 1676624

Tower Poppies 1679 HD678

Tower Poppies 1682626

Tower Poppies 1685628

Tower Poppies 1723641

Tower Poppies 1876670

Tower Poppies 1727642

Tower Poppies 1732645

Tower Poppies 1742647

The White Tower 1769668

Tower 1821658 Tower 1810657

Raven 1787656

Raven 1796655

Tower 1854664

Tower Poppies 1918676

Tower of London 1908675



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