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This weekend is National Moth Night, covering evenings of the 10th,11th & 12th September. So to mark the weekend this was top be my 6th garden moth trapping session of the year. Few surprises but there was one, a Red Underwing, a garden tick. Not in the trap however, I noticed it on the side of the house and for a second I thought I had caught the biggy, a Blue Underwing, ahh I can but hope..

Trap results in no particular order – Brimstone Moth 2; Large Yellow Underwing 38; Lesser Yellow Underwing 5; Marbled Beauty 1; Garden Carpet 2; Common Marbled Carpet 4; Small Dusty Wave 1; Setaceous Hebrew Character 1; Black Rustic 1; Gold Spot 1; Red Underwing 1; Straw Dot 1; Dusky Thorn 1; Square-spot Rustic 2; Lunar Underwing 1; Agriphila tristella 1; Epiphyas postvittana (Light-Brown Apple Moth) 2 – 16 species to actinic light tube.

Black Rustic 2321164

Black RusticTony Davison©

Red Underwing1169

Red UnderwingTony Davison© – A second or two after I took this photo the moth just flew off without warning.

Gold Spot 2091162

Gold SpotTony Davison©

Dusky Thorn 3011170 Dusky Thorn 3141171

Dusky Thorn – above two images – Tony Davison©

Common Marbled Carpet 2491165 Common Marbled Carpet 2751168 Common Marbled Carpet 2701167 Common Marbled Carpet 2611166

Common Marbled Carpet – above four images – two colour forms – Tony Davison©

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  1. That camera looks really good Tony.

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