Jun 052016

This morning (5th June2016) a belated trip up into the Peak District in the hope of one or two speciality woodland summer visitors. I had left it very late this year for Pied Flycatcher, Wood Warbler, Tree Pipit and Redstart. Usually the best time is in early May, just after the birds have arrived back on their breeding grounds. They are then actively singing, looking for a mate and staking out their territory. Early June, they are feeding young, little in the way of song, making it very difficult to locate them in the dense leaf canopy.

To make matters worse, this morning the weather was really grim, grey and damp, pestered by midges and the sun didn’t come out until we had left the woodland. Any how, we managed a few good birds, missing out only on Spotted Flycatcher.

A few other images from a recent trip to Willington Gravel Pits. Year List on 199 – I won’t be posting now for a few weeks as I’m off north to Alaska – Yeahhh… Bring it on…

Wood Warbler 1_J4X1541Wood Warbler_J4X1541Wood Warbler_J4X1540Wood Warbler_J4X1536_Wood WarblerJ4X1514

Wood Warbler – above 5 images – Derbyshire Peak District – difficult conditions, poor light and midges – worth the effort though. – Tony Davison©

Pied Flycatcher_J4X1574

Pied Flycatcher – male – Derbyshire Peak District – A little “Contre-jour” going off here as I was shooting directly into sunlight – Tony Davison©

Pied Flycatcher_J4X1566

Pied Flycatcher – male – Derbyshire Peak District – very difficult as birds were not singing – Tony Davison©

_Common TernJ4X1478

Common Tern – Willington GP, Derbyshire – May Oystercatcher_J4X14862016 – Tony Davison©


Oystercatcher – Willington GP, Derbyshire – Tony Davison©

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  1. Nowt wrong with them Wood Warbler images Tony.

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