Jul 192016

More micros from several recent moth traps at Kings Newton – Moth heaven at the moment – Traps of 75-80 plus species on all nights this week so far, with numerous new micro moths being added. Photographing micros is not easy, first they are tiny, second difficult to get them to sit still, even then you have a limited amount of time to take the shot, before they jump, run or fly off and then gone forever. Here are a few more with one plume that is currently being looked into – it is currently thought to be a Downy Plume but could be one of several other species that are notoriously difficult to tell apart.

Dowdy Plume_J4X3897 Dowdy Plume_J4X3910 Downy Plume _J4X3894

Possibly Dowdy PlumeStenoptilia zophodactylus – above 3 images – Currently being looked into for positive ID – Kings Newton, Derbyshire – Tony Davison©

Coleophora mayrella_J4X3941 Coleophora mayrella_J4X3946Coleophera mayrella_J4X3934

Coleophora mayrella – One of several species of metalic green or bronze coloured Coleophoras – Kings Newton, Derbyshire July 18th 2016 – Tony Davison©

Swammerdamia pyrella_J4X3973 Swammerdamia pyrella_J4X3981

Swammerdamia pyrella – Note the rusty, coppery colour to the termen and white head – Kings Newton, Derbyshire – Tony Davison©

Holly Tortrix_J4X3953

Holly TortrixRhopobota naevana –  A very variable species but note the characteristic crease in the wing – Kings Newton, Derbyshire – Tony Davison© – a record shot.



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