Jul 222016

The following images are a selection of moths that were trapped overnight on 20th July 2016 at Spring Cottages, Overseal, Leicestershire. 

Agriphila selasella_J4X4007 Agriphila selasella_J4X4070 Agriphila selasella_J4X4074

Agriphila selasella – above 3 images – A localised species – Tony Davison© – Note the white longitudinal streak, that splits into three or four fine branches

Coleophora deauratella_J4X4065 Coleophora sp trifolii_J4X4067

Coleophora deauratella – above 2 images – One of several metallic coloured Coleophora – note the fiery copper bronze colouration and white tips to antennae

Coleophora trifolii_J4X4031 Coleophora trifolii_J4X4033

Coleophora alcyonipennella – Clover case-bearer – Above 2 images – Common and widely distributed so likely to be this species – Tony Davison©

Gypsonoma dealbana _J4X4054 Gypsonoma dealbana_J4X4058

Gypsonoma dealbana – Above 2 images – Note the small black streak in the central area of the forewing a good ID feature – Tony Davison©

Hedya ochroleucana_J4X4020

Hedya ochroleucanaTony Davison© Buff tip to wing should make it diagnostic, along with flecking of yellow specks in the basal 2thirds of forewing.

Silky Wainscot_J4X3996

Silky Wainscot – A nationally local species – Tony Davison©

Small Rufous_J4X4012 Small Rufous_J4X4015

Small Rufous – Above 2 images – A nationally local species – Tony Davison©

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