Aug 012016

A great weekend in Tywyn was had by all. Some “Mothyn”, “Walkyn”, “Lazyn” on the Beach “Sunyn” and “Eatyn” – Superb. Here’s the results.

First the Moth Trap – Overnight on 30th July – Garden Trap using a 125watt Blended Bulb – 40 species – 70 moths – Highlights apart from photos below – Magpie Moth; Yellow-tail; Oak Hook-tip; Crescent Dart; Dingy Footman; Buff Footman; Rosy Footman (dead); Silver Y; Gothic; Caloptilia rufipennella; Endotricha flammealis; Garden Pebble; Mother of Pearl; Anania coronata; Udea prunalis; Acrobasis advenella.

Crescent Dart DSC00992

Crescent Dart – A local species found on the west coast – A new moth for me and the best of the catch – Tywyn – Tony Davison©

Rosy Footman DSC01004

Rosy Footman – The biggest disappointment was to find this dead at the bottom of the trap box. Either killed by one of the many wasps or by touching the bulb on entry.

Caloptilia rufipennella DSC00975 Caloptilia rufipennella DSC00985

Caloptilia rufipennella – Above 2 images – Another new moth species for me – Tywyn – Tony Davison© – A common micro on Sycamore

Honeysuckle Moth DSC00969

Honeysuckle MothYpsolopha dentella – Tywyn – Tony Davison© – Common in gardens and woodland where there is Honeysuckle.

Acrobasis advenella DSC00963

Acrobasis advenella – Tywyn – Tony Davison© – A common micro moth favouring Hawthorn

Acleris forsskaleana DSC01003

Acleris forrskaleana – Tywyn – Tony Davison© – A common micro moth found on Sycamore in hedges, gardens and woodland – Unmistakeable

Rush Veneer DSC00962

Rush VeneerNomophila noctuella – Tywyn – Tony Davison© – A common migrant throughout the British Isles, can often be abundant 

Oak Hook-tip DSC00954

Oak Hook-tip – Tywyn – Tony Davison© – A common macro moth found on oak – this is likely a female due to the large size.

Dingy Footman DSC00957 Dingy Footman DSC00959

Dingy Footman – Above 2 images – Tywyn – Tony Davison© – A common macro moth – often described as looking like a melon pip

Dunbar DSC00994

Dun-bar –  Tywyn – Tony Davison© – A common macro moth found anywhere where there are trees and shrubs

Silver Y DSC00997

Silver Y – Tywyn – Tony Davison© – Six were in the trap – A common to abundant breeding migrant that flies by day and night


Tywyn Dusk DSC00941 Tywyn Dusk DSC00942 Tywyn Dusk DSC00943 Tywyn Dusk DSC00944 Tywyn Dusk DSC00946 Tywyn Dusk DSC00948

Tywyn Seascapes – Above 6 images – Friday evening 30th July 2016 and a wonderful sunset over the Lleyn Peninsula – Tony Davison© – Taken with a Sony Cyber-shot


Steve 20160730_173906

“Steve” our friendly Herring Gull – feeds out of your hand and even comes into the lounge for a wander round – Tony Davison© – The Badgers bowl is empty..

Tent 20160729_205417 copy

Ready for the Big RSPB Wild Sleepout Weekend. – Tywyn – Tony Davison© – What a great weekend for the kids

Dinner 20160731_124702

Sunday Dinner – Weekend finished off with a fabulous dinner at the Cross Foxes, Bala. Many thanks to Sue, Nick, Molly, Sam and Josh



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