Jun 052017

Saturday 3rd June and Glyn, Richard and myself weaved our way to one of the Yorkshire Carr Reserves. Potteric Carr is an excellent Yorkshire Reserve and a good place for Dragonflies, Bittern, Marsh Harrier and a variety of water birds. Black-necked Grebe can sometimes be seen from the designated footpaths that meander around the many lagoons, or from one of the numerous hides. When they are on view they are totally oblivious to the numerous people that walk around the reserve and if one remains still and quiet, they sometimes show very well. Once called the “Eared Grebe”, at this time of year, as with all our grebes, they are stunning in their breeding plumage. Several Dragonflies were on the wing including Hairy Dragonfly, Emperor Dragonfly, Small Red Damselfly. Banded Demoiselle, Broad-bodied Chaser and Four-spotted Chaser. A Bittern showed well, as it flew quickly over one of the reed beds and several Marsh Harrier were also on the wing. My year list remains static at 199.

Black-necked Grebe – Above 3 images – Stunning birds in their breeding plumage – Tony Davison©

Common BuzzardTony Davison©

Broad-bodied Chaser – immature male – Potteric Carr, Yorkshire – Note the single spot in the upper corner of each wing – Tony Davison©

Four-spotted Chaser – above 3 images – 2 different females – Potteric Carr, Yorkshire – note the 4 spots on each pair of wings – Tony Davison©

Banded Demoiselle – male – Potteric Carr, Yorkshire – Tony Davison©



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