Jun 282015
2nd Moth Trap - 2015

My second trap of the year 27th June2015. Hoping for the odd migrant but nothing of great interest over night other than seven Elephant Hawkmoths, the largest  number I’ve caught in my garden in 12 years of trapping. Also a single Cockchafer. The list in no particular order – Elephant Hawkmoth 7; Marbled Beauty 2; […]

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Jun 272015
1st moth trap 2015

25th June 2015 overnight – First moth trap of the year – In no particular order –  Heart & Drat 8; Dark Arches 2; Elephant Hawkmoth 1; Brimstone Moth 1; Setaceous Hebrew Character 1; Foxglove Pug 2;Buff Ermine 2; RibandWave 1; Marbled Minor 2; Rustic 2; Snout 1; Flame 1; Garden Carpet 1; Silver-ground Carpet […]

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Jun 022015
The Saga of the Titchfield Haven Yellowlegs.

Whilst I was on Samos, my good friend Barrie spent a day at Titchfield Haven in Hampshire, chasing a much needed tick, a Greater Yellowlegs. The bird had been faithful to the nature reserve all week, except of course the Saturday that Barrie decided to go for it. One week later, back from Samos on the […]

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