Jan 072012
The first Waxwings for 2012 - 7th January 2012

You simply just cannot get enough of Waxwings.     One of the most charismatic and beautiful birds that visits our shores from Scandinavia during our British winter. Unfortunately, this year hasn’t been a very good Waxwing year and there are very few in the country at this time. Fortunately for me, five birds have […]

Jan 022011
Redpolls arrive on my Local Patch - 2nd January 2011

  At Staunton Harold Reservoir this morning I found a  superb flock of Redpolls and after carefully checking through the flock of around 80 birds, I discovered at least 30 Mealy Redpolls mixed in.     At least 2 birds appeared to be colour ringed. Unfortunately I was not able to determine the colours and […]

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