Aug 082020

I ran a garden Moth Trap overnight on 7th August 2020, results are as follows in no particular order. This was the most productive garden moth trap so far this year, with 44 species and 126 moths.

Grey Dagger 3; Small Phoenix 1; Willow Beauty 8; Marbled Beauty 12; Flame Shoulder 2; Common Carpet 4; Garden Carpet 1; Double-striped Pug 2; Canary-shouldered Thorn 1; Riband Wave 10; Large Yellow Underwing 12; Ruby Tiger 3; Shuttle-shaped Dart 6 (1 female); Yellow-barred Brindle 1; Copper Underwing 2; Cloaked Minor 8; Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 1; Least Carpet 1; Smoky Wainscot 1; Scalloped Hook-tip 1; Lesser Swallow Prominent 1; Straw Underwing 1; Chrysoteuchia culmella 1; Bryotropha terella 1; Epiphyas postvittana (Light Brown Apple Moth) 8; Pyrausta aurata (Mint Moth) 8; Lyonetia clerkella (Apple Leaf Miner) 2; Cameraria ohridella (Horse-chestnut Leaf Miner) 1; Euzophera pinguis 1; Agriphila tristella 2; Agriphila straminella 6; Carcinia quercana 1; Ypsolopha sequella 1; Caloptilia populetorum 1; Argyresthia goedartella 1; Cydia pomonella 1; Acrobasis advenella 1; Hellinsia osteodactylus (Small Goldenrod Plume) 1; Crassa unitella 1; Swammerdamia caesiella 1; Blastobasis lacticolella 2; Eudonia mercurella 2: Crambus pascuella 3: Yponomeuta  mallinellus (Apple Ermine) 2:

Small Phoenix
Copper Underwing
Least Carpet
Lesser Swallow Prominent
Sallow Kitten
Scalloped Hook-tip
Smoky Wainscot
Yellow-barred Brindle
Acrobasis advenella
Lyonetia clarkellaApple Leaf Miner
Lyonetia clarkellaApple Leaf Miner
Argyresthia goedartella
Argyresthia goedartella
Blastobasis lacticolella
Bryotropha terella
Caloptilia populetorum
Caloptilia populetorum
Chrysoteuchia culmella
Crassa unitella
Eudonia mercurella
Euzophera pinguis
Cameraria ohridellaHorse-chestnut Leaf Miner
Epiphyas postvittanaLight Brown Apple Moth – male
Hellinsia osteodactylus – Small Goldenrod Plume
Swammerdamia caesiella
Ypsolopha sequella
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