Aug 112012
Melbourne - My Garden Trap - 11th August 2012

Warm weather continues and this was my second Moth Trap of the year.   A fairly good assortment simply running an actinic tube, “Neighbourhood Friendly" Trap.  Twentynine species with Large Yellow Underwing and Common Rustic the most numerous. In no special order – THE MACROS –  Marbled Beauty 4; Willow Beauty 6; Large Yellow Underwing […]

Apr 222011
More Limeys - Friday, 22 April 2011

A moth trap overnight on 22nd April produced 2 more Lime Hawk Moths; Also – Ruby Tiger 3; Pebble Hook-tip 1; Double Striped Pug 3; Bright-line Brown-eye 1; Muslin Moth 1; Early Grey 2; Hebrew Character 2; Mottled Pug 1; Brindled Pug 2; Oak Tree Pug 1; Species list for 2011 – 24 Below – […]

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