May 022004
Kentish Glory - Skye of Curr - Trapped 1st - 2nd May 2004

The Kentish Glory is a Category A, nationally scarce moth species in Britain. Now confined to the central & eastern Highlands of Scotland. It has declined at sites in Speyside  where the birch woodland has become mature but appears to be on the increase in Deeside where birch re-growth has become extensive. Where this moth was trapped the birch seems […]

Apr 152004
A Naturetrek Holiday to the “Land of the Tigers” - 31st Mar - 15th Apr 2004

A VISIT TO INDIA It had always been an ambition of mine to see a wild Tiger and during 2004 an opportunity presented itself and I made the trip to India. I went with Naturetrek , mainly due to the fact that the holiday focused on Tigers, Birds and Photography. This was to be the most adventurous holiday […]

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