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I spent an absolutely superb day with Terns and Kittiwakes up on Tyne & Wear on Saturday 1st August 2015. Along with Glyn, we had around three or so hours with a party of Common Tern, Sandwich Tern, one Little Tern, one Arctic Tern and a few juvenile Kittiwake. The beach area at South Shields is a favourite spot of ours and if in luck, the birds are very obliging and with care, allow very close approach. Once they gain confidence in your presence, they settle down and become very much at ease. One of the most enjoyable days photography I have had in a long while.

Around lunchtime we made our way further north into Northumberland, stopping off at St.Mary’s Island and Amble, looking for Roseate Tern. Eventually, after several hours, we managed to locate two adult Roseate Tern off Amble. Quite frustrating really, when you consider that the RSPB Reserve at Coquet Island is only around a mile off-shore from Amble and there are good numbers of these beautiful terns breeding their. If only a few more had ventured a little further away from their feeding sorties! Hopefully the following pictures will tell the story.

Year List is on 215 as of Sunday 2nd August.

Little Tern_J4X8926

Little Tern – Adult – This superb bird was mixed in with the other terns on the beach at South Shields – Tony Davison©


Little Tern_J4X8914

Little Tern – You can always tell when a bird is at ease with your presence – It yawns at you! – Tony Davison©


Little Tern_J4X8909

Little Tern – South Shields, Tyne & Wear – Not often you get such a good opportunity to be this close to a Little Tern – Tony Davison©


Little Tern_J4X8817

Little Tern – A rare breeding bird in Britain these days, so a nice bonus to have one all to ourselves, away from a breeding colony – Tony Davison©


Little Tern_J4X8812

Little Tern – South Shields Beach, Tyne & Wear – Tony Davison©


Little Tern_J4X8802

Little Tern – Disturbed by the arrival of a Kittiwake close-by – South Shields, Tyne & Wear – Tony Davison©


Little Tern_J4X8728

Little Tern – A stunning tern and bird of the day – Tony Davison©

Kittiwake_J4X8993 Kittiwake_J4X9055 Kittiwake_J4X9017 Kittiwake_J4X8997

Kittiwake – Juvenile – South Shields Beach, Tyne & Wear – Another fabulous photo opportunity – Above four images – Tony Davison©

Sandwich Tern_J4X8375

Sandwich Tern – adult – South Shields, Tyne & Wear – Tony Davison©

Sandwich Tern Juv_J4X8717

Sandwich Tern – Juvenile – They look very similar to juvenile Roseate Tern – Shouth Shields Beach, Tyne & Wear – Tony Davison©

Sandwich Tern_J4X8657Sandwich Tern_J4X8764 Sandwich Tern_J4X8629

Sandwich Tern – Above three images – Moulting adults – South Shields Beach, Tyne & Wear – Tony Davison©

Arctic Tern_J4X9036

Arctic Tern – A superb adult dropped in amongst the Common Terns giving a great opportunity to see the subtle differences in the two species – Tony Davison©


Arctic Tern_J4X9106

Arctic Tern – adult – note the short legs, back cap, blood red bill, long wings and long tail streamers. – South Shields Beach, Tyne & Wear – Tony Davison©

Common Tern_J4X8980 Common Tern_J4X8930 Common Tern_J4X8558 Common Tern_J4X8420 Common Tern_J4X8438

Common Tern – Above 5 images of four difference adults  – South Shields Beach, Tyne & Wear – Tony Davison©

Coquet Island_S1Q9237

Coquet Island Lighthouse – From Amble, Northumberland – Tony Davison©

Roseate Tern_S1Q9332

Roseate Tern -adult – One of two birds we saw off Amble, Northumberland – Tony Davison©

Sandwich Tern Amble_S1Q9263

Sandwich Tern – Moulting adult – Amble, Northumberland – Tony Davison©



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