Dec 282017

A male Penduline Tit has been resident on a small local wetland area called Plock Court Wetlands at Longford, near Gloucester. So, worth a visit, as these birds are not so easy to see in Britain. Male Penduline Tit always reminds me of a miniature Red-backed Shrike and this bird was very active feeding on the large amount of Reed Mace that was available for it. Also showing was an immature male Stonechat, a small party of Long-tailed Tit, large numbers of Pied Wagtail and smaller numbers of Meadow Pipit. Looks like my final Year List tally will finish on 243

Penduline Tit – male – above 4 images – Longford, Gloucester – December 2017 – Tony Davison©

Stonechat – immature male – Longford, Gloucester – December 2017 – Tony Davison©


Dec 262017
All the way from the Desert . .

A male Desert Wheatear was found during this past week, in fields alongside the Cleveland Way near Whitby, North Yorkshire. Desert Wheatear often turn up late in the year and are always worth looking at. A trip to the coast had been previously planned for today, Boxing Day, so Whitby very quickly became the destination. I managed to get to see the bird before we spent the rest of the day wandering around this lovely Yorkshire coastal town. Although it showed well, photography was very difficult as the wheatear was always into the sun. It did come fairly close, briefly, during […]

Dec 222017
Parrots in Derbyshire

This winter there has been a small invasion of Parrot Crossbills into the UK and at least 12 birds have arrived in Derwent Dale, Derbyshire. Larger and much bulkier with a heavier bill and a metallic “chup chup” call helps to tell them apart from the more usual Common Crossbill. There was a flock of at least 31 birds today, which included about 12 Parrot Crossbill. Despite ideal conditions, the birds were reluctant to come down to a favoured watering hole and spent most of their time feeding in surrounding pine trees, making photography rather difficult to say the least. […]

Dec 152017
The Berry Breaker

During late autumn, early winter this year (2017), there has been an unprecedented arrival of Hawfinch into Britain, with most arriving from Eastern Europe. Birds are well spread throughout the UK and as far as Derbyshire is concerned, the Hawfinch is classified as a scarce resident. So it was inevitable that sooner or later, birds would begin to arrive in the county and in places where they are not normally recorded. A small party was discovered in Darley Dale, north of Matlock and these birds seemed a good bet. On route to Darley Dale this morning, Richard and I stopped […]

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