Aug 132017

Little Owls seem to be getting more and more scarce in my area, so it was a privilege to see one this morning. The following cropped pictures are my first attempt at photographing this superb owl. 

Little Owl – Derbyshire – Tony Davison© 

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Aug 062017

Saturday 5th August 2017 and the morning was spent at the Wykeham Forest Raptor Viewpoint, in Yorkshire. Several Honey Buzzard and Goshawk had been on view during recent days and we were not disappointed. We visited this site a few weeks ago and had brief and distant views of Honey Buzzard. On Saturday, the weather was better and the birds were better and we had at least 3 Honey Buzzard and 2 Goshawk showing really well at times. Always tantalisingly distant for good quality photos, nevertheless I managed a few half decent record shots.

A juvenile White-winged Black Tern had been resident at Far Ings Nature Reserve in Lincolnshire, just the other-side of the Humber Bridge. Glyn & Richard had already seen this bird last weekend, but they were good sports and we headed over to Far Ings and I managed to see the bird. Very difficult to photograph as it was constantly feeding in the middle of it’s favoured lake. I did manage a couple of record shots and it was a good job I made the trip to see it, as there was negative news on the pager on Sunday morning 6th August and the bird appears to have moved on. Year List moves on to 210.

White-winged Black Tern – juvenile – above 3 images – Far Ings, Lincolnshire – Tony Davison©

Honey Buzzard – a record shot of a moulting male – Wykeham Forest Raptor Viewpoint, Yorkshire – Tony Davison©

Goshawk – juvenile – Above 6 images – 2 different birds – first 5 are of same bird – the one above is of a different bird – Wykeham Forest Raptor Viewpoint, Yorkshire – Tony Davison©

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Jul 282017

A trap at Kings Newton on 26th-27th July produced a Eulamprotes atrella, which maybe a new micro moth for Derbyshire. In addition a variety of Macro moths including Dusky Thorn, Pebble Prominent, Knot Grass, Sallow Kitten, Maple Pug, Angle Shades, Magpie Moth and Drinker. Also Puss Moth caterpillars were coming along nicely.

Eulamprotes atrella – Kings Newton, Derbyshire – 27th July 2017 – Tony Davison© – a probable first record of this species for Derbyshire.

Knot Grass – Kings Newton, Derbyshire – 27th July 2017 – Tony Davison©

Dusky Thorn – Kings Newton, Derbyshire – Tony Davison©

Pebble Prominent – Kings Newton, Derbyshire – Tony Davison©

Puss Moth Caterpillar – above 2 images – Kings Newton, Derbyshire – Tony Davison©



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Jul 162017

A 1st summer Sabine’s Gull had been frequenting the gravel pit complex at Nosterfield Quarry, in North Yorkshire, for nearly three weeks. It seems that early summer is becoming a regular time of the year to connect with one of these tri-coloured wanderers. After last years full summer adults in Alaska, then a 1st summer, gracing Derbyshire in early July, it was good to see another one of these beautiful gulls at an inland site. We decided to head off into North Yorkshire, Saturday 15th July, to see the Honey Buzzards and hopefully connect with the Sabine’s Gull, all worked out rather well and we even had Crossbill, Siskin and Marsh Tit at the Wykeham Forest Raptor Watch Point.

Sabine’s Gull – 1st summer – above 4 images – North Yorkshire – Tony Davison©

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