Aug 032020
Moth Trap - 2nd -3rd August 2020

I ran a garden moth trap overnight on 2nd August 2020 – Results as follows in no particular order:- Least Carpet 2 (new for garden); Riband Wave 8; Dusky Thorn 1; Yellow-tail 1; Willow Beauty 2; Rivulet 1; Large Yellow Underwing 2; Shuttle-shaped Dart 2; Common Rustic 1; Dingy Footman 1; Common Carpet 2; Poplar […]

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Jul 302020
Moth Trap - 29th - 30th July 2020

I ran a garden moth trap overnight on 29th July 2020 – Results as follows in no particular order – Riband Wave 2; Willow Beauty 1; Chinese Character 1; Marbled Beauty 2; Poplar Hawk-moth 1; Large Yellow Underwing 5; Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 1; Shuttle-shaped Dart 1; Pale Prominent 1; Uncertain 3; Common Wainscot 1; […]

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Jul 182020
Moth Trap - 17th - 18th July

I ran a moth trap in my garden in South Derbyshire overnight 17th July.  Results in no particular order  –  Vapourer Moth (male) 1; Dark Arches 5; Large Yellow Underwing 5; Ruby Tiger 1; Riband Wave 3; Marbled Beauty 1; Small Dotted Buff (female) 1; Common Footman 2; Scarce Footman 1; Yellowtail 1: Short-cloaked Moth […]

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Jul 162020
A trip to RSPB Frampton Fen

I’ve said this many times before, but Frampton Fen is one of my most favourite RSPB Reserves. There’s always a good selection of species and plenty of birds to go through. A Caspian Tern had been seen on several occasions in recent days to my visit, but alas it wasn’t at the reserve on my […]

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