Nov 212020
2 Local Cattle Egrets

2 local Cattle Egrets were found in amongst a flock of Mute Swans feeding in a field between Willington and Repton early afternoon ( 21st Nov). Quite a rare bird for my area so worth paying them a visit. There was also a male Peregrine briefly over the area. This morning 2 Yellow-legged Gulls at […]

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Nov 122020
The Autumn Red Deer Rut

In recent weeks the local Red Deer Stags at NT Calke Park, South Derbyshire have been very vocal. Their bellowing calls can be heard at great distance. Autumn is the time of year when the Stags engage in elaborate displays of dominance including roaring, parallel walks, and fighting. This behaviour is called The Rut, it […]

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Nov 102020
A Derbyshire Red-throated Diver

Any inland Diver is a rare find and usually one that is associated with the winter period. With Black-throated Diver now a very rare visitor to Derbyshire, last recorded in 2011 and Great Northern Diver now an annual visitor to my county, the Red-throated Diver in recent times seems to have  gained second place status. […]

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Oct 262020
Arctic Wanderer In Derbyshire

A Grey Phalarope, a small wader species that breeds in the high arctic and winters at sea, was discovered on the River Wye in the middle of Bakewell, Derbyshire, of all places on the late morning of the 25th October 2020. Just goes to show that rare birds can be found anywhere, along with an […]

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