Jun 272020

Garden Moth Trap results from overnight on 25th June 2020 – the best trap so far this year, resulting in three new species for the garden – Eyed Hawkmoth, Scarlet Tiger and Coronet. 44 species – c150moths. A number escaped during the processing of the trap, so species and count totals could have been better.

In no particular order – Pine Hawkmoth 1; Eyed Hawkmoth 1 (NFG); Elephant Hawkmoth 3; Leopard Moth 2; Short-cloaked Moth 5; Willow Beauty 12; Marbled Beauty 4; Riband Wave 7; Common Wave 1; Beautiful Hook-tip 2; Poplar Grey 1; Common Footman 6; Yellow Shell 1; Spectacle 1; Small Blood-vein 2; Heart & Dart 5; Rustic 7; Uncertain 5; Garden Carpet 1; Pale Mottled Willow 3; Dark Arches 6; Middle-barred Minor 1; Marbled Minor 1; Flame Shoulder 1 ; Grey Dagger 1; Foxglove Pug 2; Large Yellow Underwing 1; Flame 1; Fan-foot 1; Scarlet Tiger 1 (NFG); Buff Ermine 1; Coronet 1 (NFG); Mottled Rustic 1; Green Pug 1; Dusky Brocade 1: Eudonia angustia 4;  Chrysoteuchia culmella 3; Crambus pascuella 3; Small Magpie 1; Epinotia nanana 2; Pyrausta aurata 1; Galleria mellonella (Wax Moth) 1; Hedya nubiferana (Marbled Orchard Tortrix) 1: Bee Moth 1:


Eyed Hawkmoth
Scarlet Tiger
Beautiful Hook-tip
Dusky Brocade
Green Pug
Grey Dagger
Leopard Moth
Marbled Minor – brown form
Poplar Grey
Small Blood-vein
Small Magpie
Wax Moth
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