Aug 112012

Warm weather continues and this was my second Moth Trap of the year.

A fairly good assortment simply running an actinic tube, “Neighbourhood Friendly" Trap.  Twentynine species with Large Yellow Underwing and Common Rustic the most numerous. In no special order – THE MACROS –  Marbled Beauty 4; Willow Beauty 6; Large Yellow Underwing 15; Yellow Shell 1; Scarce Footman 3; Grey/Dark Dagger 2; Riband Wave 3; Common Rustic 14; Ruby Tiger 3; Dark Arches 2; Heart & Dart 2; Iron Prominent 1; Green Carpet 1; Lesser Swallow Prominent 1; Flounced Rustic 1; Single Dotted Wave 1; Lesser Yellow Underwing 2; Yellow-barred Brindle 2; Small Phoenix 1; Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 1; Copper Underwing 2: THE MICROS – Chrysoteuchia culmella 8; Pleuroptya ruralis (Mother of Pearl) 1; Epiphyas postvittana (Light-brown Apple Moth) 1; Eudonia mercurella 2;  Acentria ephemerella (Water Veneer) 1;  Agriphila tristella 2; Aphomia sociella (Bee Moth) 1; Catoptria falsella 2
IMAGES -No:3 Lesser Swallow Prominent – Note the white tornal streak on upper-wing, a classic ID feature / No:4 Swallow Prominent – Note the larger size than Lesser Swallow Prominent at Image 3 also the lack of a prominent white streak – a classic ID feature.
Agriphila tristella
Grey/Dark Dagger
Lesser Swallow Prominent
Swallow Prominent
Ruby Tiger
Yellow-barred Brindle
  Yellow-barred Brindle

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