Dec 062016
An Asiatic Thrush arrives in Derbyshire

The autumn of 2016 will go down in UK birding history as one, if not, the best periods for the finding of rare asiatic birds in Britain. A continuous stream of mouth watering vagrants seemed to be endless throughout September, October and November. Then just as all the birders thought, that’s the end, a Dusky Thrush appears, in all places, Derbyshire! What’s going on we were all asking ourselves. The bird was identified from photos that were taken and posted on Twitter by a local person, who at first was very wary about putting out the full site details and […]

Dec 062016
A Winters Morning on a Local Patch

Sunday 4th December was a stunning day, crisp, blue skies and sunshine, a great day to play around with photography at one of my local birding patches. Melbourne Pool is an OK place for common ducks and gulls and there is also the chance of something else turning up. I really wanted to try and get some very low level images of water birds and so I found myself lying flat on my belly with the camera, firmly but gently lying on the little stone wall that surrounds the pool. Not as ultra low as I would have liked, but […]

Nov 282016
A Bohemian Rapsody at Scarborough

It is looking like this winter will be another Waxwing Year, as many thousands of these beautiful birds have arrived into Britain during the last 6-8 weeks. Most of the big numbers are still located in Scotland and the NE Coastal areas, but smaller flocks have managed to arrive further south in recent weeks. A small flock of 60 birds had been seen in Scarborough during recent days, so this seemed like a good place to visit on Saturday 26th November. Scarborough Harbour is also worth a look during the winter months. On our arrival there were 35 Waxwings on […]

Nov 142016
Local Patch

Not done a great deal of late. Last weekend (6th November) I visited the North Norfolk coast to see, more than anything else, a large flock of Shore Lark. Apparently the flock at Holkham Gap had increased to 68 over recent weeks, making it one of the largest flocks in Britain for many years, maybe the largest flock ever. The weather was awful as Richard and I trudged our way out across the salt marsh at Holkham and after 20 minutes or so I eventually managed to locate the Shore Lark. I counted a total of 74 and I must […]

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