Mar 052012

A mixture of poor weather and domestic duties lead to a pretty much “birdless” weekend.

I did manage the gull roost at nearby Foremark Reservoir on Saturday afternoon. Two superb adult summer Mediterranean Gulls were in the roost. Obviously a pair, as they continued to call to each other to ensure close contact in the roost. Also 2 x adult & 2 x 3rd winter Yellow-legged Gulls & a near adult Caspian Gull. A pretty good roost considering early March. Unfortunately no sign of the adult Iceland Gull that had been frequenting the roost during the previous week. 
The Moon is worth keeping an eye on at the moment, as to-day it is 91% full  and should reach a FULL moon by the weekend.
I couldn’t resist taking few shots this evening. With practise it is possible to get some pretty good results without the need for an astronomy telescope.
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