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I ran a garden Moth Trap over night on 1st September. The results are as follows, in no particular order.

Copper Underwing 3; Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing – female 1; Brimstone Moth 2; Willow Beauty 1; Large Yellow Underwing 16; Green Carpet 1; Common Marbled Carpet 4; Lesser Yellow Underwing 5; Flounced Rustic 3; Setaceous Hebrew Character 2; Square-spot Rustic 2; Uncertain 2; Silver Y 2; Common Wainscot 1; Garden Carpet 1; Grey Pine Carpet 1; Double-striped Pug 1; Dark Marbled Carpet 1; Bryotropha affinis (Dark Neb) 1; Agriphila geniculea (Elbow-stripe Grass Veneer) 9; Epiphyas postvittana (Light-brown Apple Moth) 5; Acleris variegana (Garden Rose Tortrix) 1; 

The most interesting insect was a species of Lacewing – Waxwing LacewingConwentzia psociformis. I initially thought it was a tiny moth, until checking out its ID later on. Such a tiny thing, no more than 3mm in length. No idea of its status in my county.

Conwentzia psociformis – Waxwing Lacewing
Btoad-bordered Yellow Underwing – female
Common Marbled Carpet
Acleris variegana – Garden Rose Tortrix
Square-spot Rustic
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